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Lawns-Plus-10102014-logo Insect control

A beautiful, healthy green outdoor space is bound to attract some attention. But there’s some attention you could probably do without: unwanted, destructive insects. Don’t let these pests ruin all of the dedication and hard work that’s gone into your lawn. Lawns Plus can help devise an outdoor pest control program that will eliminate the problem, while protecting your vibrant grass, plants, and trees.

Outdoor pest control application for:

• Box elder bugs

• Wasps

• Ants

• Spiders

Beautiful lawns at competitive prices

From Umatilla County in Oregon, to Walla Walla County in Washington, our family-owned and operated business has provided professional, courteous, and knowledgeable insect control services for more than 30 years. Call us today for a free estimate, and find out how we can help you maintain your outdoor space.


We also offer fertilizing and weed control, as well as lawn care programs, all at competitive prices.


"Mike has taken care of our lawn for a long time. He is the nicest young man. Always courteous, always with a smile!"


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